fx-8320e overclocked to 4.2ghz, but HW monitor shows 2.8ghz

Hi everyone! I have an fx-8320e cpu and I could overclock it manually (amd turbo core disabled) to 4.0 ghz. Everything worked fine, but I have read, that with 1.3-1.35 vcore I can have 4.2ghz easily. So in BIOS I changed the multiplier to x21, and vcore around 1.3v. After reboot BIOS and Windows show 4200MHZ, but HW monitor shows only 2.8!!! It looks like it is locked to 2.8 ghz after overclock!
I would appreciate any suggestion! Have a nice day you all!
Build: m5a78l-m lx (I know, bad VRM, but not planning to go over 1.3v)
8gb ram
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  1. Overclocked in Windows via tool or BIOS?

    BIOS up to date? Only flash in BIOS itself, never in windows!

    Try lower overclocking, motherboard or CPU could be throttling due to overheating (VRM or CPU)
  2. I have found a solution. Cool n' quiet was the problem.
  3. thanks for the feedback :)
  4. Csakacsuvi94 said:
    I have found a solution. Cool n' quiet was the problem.

    i have the same set up (different mobo) and plan on OC'ing my CPU can you please explain what you meant by when you said "cool and quiet" was the problem?
  5. Cool and quiet is amd's fan control and can down clock the frequency similar to the speed step tech from Intel.
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