Will two of these fans on a single channel be too much for this fan controller?

I asked something similar to this before, but I have new information from when I first asked this question. I was wondering if two fans rated at .31 amps would be too much for a Kingwin FPX-003 which is rated at .67 amps and 8 watts per channel. Now obviously .31 +.31 equals .62 which is less than .67, but I didn't know if I had to take start up amperage into account. From what I've heard start up amps is much higher. Would two of these fans per channel be all right?

I am looking to buy this controller in particular just because of the way it looks and all. I'd like something with a display, but I don't want one of those all touch screen ones like the NZXT Sentry 3 or something. If anyone has a suggestion for a better fan controller that has a display but uses knobs or something to adjust fan speed, that'd be great.
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    30 Watts per channel. 4 channels. Set LCD display to one of 7 possible colors.

    Manufacturer's product page:
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NZXT Kingwin Single Channel Fan Controller