Upgrading/Buying another RAM stick. Need a little help

So currently I have Kingston Hyperx fury 1866 Mhz DD3 and I want to get the exact same RAM stick as the mentioned one since I've heard that the speed needs to be the same otherwise different issues might come up.

Is there anything else that I need to know before buying another RAM stick to run it in dual channel mode ? Just wanted to make sure if the speed is the only thing that I need to look for.

Here is the RAM stick that I currently have in my computer
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  1. make sure its the same speed same capacity and same brand... if u choose different brands it might not work sometimes.
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    Also if you have 4 RAM slots leave the slot next to the RAM stick empty and install in the next slot over. That enables dual channel.
  3. Thank you so much will def do that.
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