Best budget gaming motherboard

I want a good budget gaming motherboard MICRO ATX

My specs 16 GB ram ddr3
I'm buying a gtx 1060 6gb
And a Intel CPU but not sure which one but will be in a price range no more than let's say 150 pounds
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  1. It has to be a 4xxx series CPU to use your DDR3. Maybe you can find an H97 micro atx. You would be better off getting new DDR4 RAM and a G4560 with a B240 motherboard.
  2. I'm fine with my 16 ram but the pentium g4560 will it bottleneck asus strix gtx 1060 6gb
  3. Bottlenecks depend on the title and resolution. There is no single answer. But a DDR4 motherboard, with an entry level processor is still a better choice for future gaming than a DDR3 choice.
  4. Wouldn't a ddr4 work on 3
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    MasterKempinis said:
    Wouldn't a ddr4 work on 3

    A "3" what? DDR3 motherboard ? No. An i3? On the i3-6xxx and i3-7xxx series...
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