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I am looking to upgrade the CPU on my Toshiba Satellite C655-S5206. My specs at the moment are Core i3 2310M - 4 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD. I will upgrade the RAM, and to an SSD, which I know about, I am not asking about them, but I don't know what upgrade CPU's are compatible with my laptop. Also, I know upgrading a CPU isn't the brightest idea because it will increase temp. Lastly, I would like to know if I upgrade CPU, what way is there to cool down temps. Thanks for your time :)
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    Cpu upgrades on laptops are a bit chancy - hard to know what cpu the motherboard will support - best to stay with the same microachitecture ... the i3 2310m is 'Sandy Bridge'.

    Core i3-2310M (PGA) 2 / 4 2.1 GHz 3 MB 35W

    Here's an i5 with the same microarchitecture .... so it should work but ...who knows???

    Core i5-2540M (PGA) 2 / 4 2.6 GHz 3.3 GHz 3 MB 35W

    The wattage is the same for both processors so temps shouldn't change much. It's quite a bit quicker (2.6 GHZ vrs 2.1) and note that it turbos to 3.3 GHz. It looks like you can get one from ebay for ~$22 - well worth trying in my opinion but again, - can't be 100% positive it will be supported.
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