1080p or USB 3.0?

Howdy, I have a question. I want to upgrade the two things I need to upgrade, going from 720p to 1080p, and going from usb 2.0 to 3.0. now the day has come where I have to choose which one I should get first. I know that getting usb 3.0 is good cuz it's 10 times faster than usb 2, but also getting a 1080p monitor is a good upgrade for gaming. My friends are kinda biased on which I should get, so any requests?
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  1. 1080p gets my vote. Much bigger change that you'll use all the time than USB 3.0 that you'll use occasionally.
  2. Depends on your personal need for each. Myself, I'd rather have 1080p. But then I don't have any burning need for faster USB speed. But my question is this.. does your motherboard have a USB 3.0 header?
  3. What are your other specs? Will you be able to run games at 1080 with acceptable FPS? I only ask because if your hardware is old enough that you run at 720 and only have usb 2.0 there is a chance you wont be able to run modern games at 1080p anyway. That said, if your specs are good enough 1080p monitor is a far better choice.
  4. 1080p for sure, your specs would want to be up to scratch though, USB 3.0 is a luxury, NO NEED at all for it tbh.
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    if you don't transfer lots of information via usb, the usb 3 port is not useful to you at all

    the monitor is more used, in fact, you use it all the time you are using the computer, the usb port would be used with fast storage

    one question, how old is your pc to not have usb 3?
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