2560x1440 144hrtz or 4k 60hrtz monitor?

I have a high end pc that can easily play in 4k but currently have a 1080 ips panel. Im looking to upgrade either to 4k or 2k (2560x1440) I'm wondering if theres a big noticeable difference between those? I prefer a wider panel display and preferably samsung as ive had no issues with them ever. These were the 2 choices i was debating on. Ones 4k and ones HDR. I know HDR isnt much of a thing yet but im trying to future proof a little. Should i sacrifice resolution for 144hrtz or go 4k 60hrtz? I love both panels but really like the curved wide display.,000,002
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    I'm not sure of your price range, and I know that you like the wide curved display.

    This is a 1440p monitor at 100hz on the Wide Curved display. It is ALSO IPS AND has G-SYNC which is an amazing plus. I really hope you take this into consideration. But if I had the choice of only those two that you have presented: I would go with the 1440p all the way, especially because of the higher hz rate.

    Hope this helps!
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