5400rpm HDD - Is it affecting my fps?

Right, so I recently built a new system (came from a FX-8350/1600MHz DDR3 RAM) to an I7-7700 non K with 2400 RAM, 1070, 450W PSU.

So the issue is that I am getting 40-50 FPS (not everywhere I might add) in some games such as rise of the tomb raider & killing floor 2 etc (@1080p). I thought with this upgrade I would be 60+ on a near constant...

Temps are within reasonable limits - 70 for CPU, 75~ for GPU

Is my 5400rpm laptop drive holding me back here? I know it mainly affects loading times but maybe its affecting the rendering of an area?
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  1. I would expect more in Tomb Raider given that that's what I see from a GTX 970 in Ultra (45-55 usually).

    But no, the HDD will affect texture pop-in and loading of new areas - but once loaded, everything should be able to keep up.

    Leave MSI Afterburner and Task manager open while gaming and look at the graphs for disk usage, CPU, and GPU usage when you alt-tab back.
  2. Did you reinstall Windows when you made the switch?
  3. hard drives only really limit loading speeds, not fps. fps comes from a combination of gpu/vram/cpu/ram. some cases where data is streamed from hdd are an exception (but rare).

    hard drive can limit fps IF you overflow your vram and ram, windows will use hard drive space (swapfile). but this is an extreme case and you would definitely notce your hdd crying as it is put to work.
  4. Supahos said:
    Did you reinstall Windows when you made the switch?

    It was a fresh install of windows.

    I'll game for a bit with afterburner on and report back.

    My only other thought was maybe I am getting held back by the PSU. 450W surely is enough for a 1070 and 7700(non-K) at gaming loads?
  5. plenty
  6. Well after testing disk usage it is as it should be - minimal while gaming.

    At times FPS touched the high 30s (38/39)

    What could the culprit be? I was running KF2 on high/ultra settings with FX 8350 and now with a 7700 I expected I could push them to ultra>

    This is running latest drivers & clean OS
  7. 5400rpm HDDs actually can harm FPS, 7200 RPM drives don't.
    The game still has to load and unload data after the level has "loaded" so if the drive is slow enough, as in a 5400 drives case, you will see these FPS problems.
  8. Best to get an SSD then. :) Thanks
  9. I seriously doubt the HDD is at ALL related if you're not seeing constant 100% disk usage while in-game. That means the drive can't keep up.
  10. So after more testing on kf2 for instance the GPU is maxing out at 72% usage, thermals are okay. CPU is roughly 30-40%. I am getting long periods of dips to the 30/40s

    The GPU was in my old system with my 8350 and worked fine (bar the CPU bottlenecking). I really thought this 7700 would be miles better. Is there an issue with my RAM - crucial ddr4 2400? Can I find out if there is a problem with RAM?
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    Some games will be affected by a slow HDD, Playerunknown Battlegrounds for example runs like crap on a slower HDD with buildings not even rendering for several minutes. When a game has to load textures as you move, it'll be largely dependent on the HDD's performance.
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