Wired graphics on gta 5

So I didn't really saw that issue before but in past 4 days I started to see pixels in pretty close distance, also I've noticed when I am driving tree leaves are loading pretty slow I drive pass them when textures load,same with grass also I need to zoom to see grass at like 30 meters? Which usually never happened before.Any suggestions?

My PC specs:
I5 4690k @3.5
Palit gtx 970 1 fan
16 gb ram
And I am using HDD 2TB
Here is link of picture where pixels can be seen without zooming.

I can offer some paypal to anyone who is prepared to help me live with for example teamviewer
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  1. Use HWmonitor or MSI Afterburner to see what happens while playing. Either you are running of memory on the card or your monitor cant process it.
    My pc monitor can only handle 65hz on 1980x1080 or 75htz on lower. I played GTA 5 on Ultra, but I get graphic bugs sometimes.

    What settings are you playing on? Ultra? High?
  2. Hmm my monitor is OC to 75ghz but Its maded for that its aoc g2460vq6 also my gpu is only half full round 2400mb and my cpu is on round 40% usage? Yeah I play we can say on very high, msaa off.Also that happens when I start game from the start I am not talking about like 5 hours of gaming straight
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