PLEASE HELP.... WILL A GEFORCE EVGA GeForce-GTX-950-Superclocked-Gaming-ACX-2GB-GDDR5-PCI-Express-Video-Card

FIT My ASUS Essentio Series Desktop I need to replace my video card because its getting old and Crappy.... I'm also wanting to swap out processors. NOT FOR GAMES but for digital design and I HATE buffering and waiting ... LOL I'm switching my AMD for an I-5 intell processor... Although It kinda sucks because Ive always been an AMD GURL.

Please Email me If you think I am going to run into any trouble.... THANKS
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  1. 950 was an entry-level card. not the best choice for workstation use
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    Your running into alot of trouble.

    1) You can't swap the CPU from AMD to I5 and keep the edition of Windows. ASUS OEM Licensing built into the copy of Windows will prevent it from being used, because it ONLY comes with THAT model and maker CPU/Mobo (you need to replace the Mobo too BTW not "wanting to swap out processors"). You will also be having to buy a off the shelf copy of Windows and do a clean reinstall of Windows from scratch, so that is another $179 on top of that.

    2) Every search looking up the ASUS Essentio is LOW END ENTRY LEVEL computers. That means cheap, made to just 'get online', do Word processing, email, etc. Anything "heavier" such as Gaming, Video Editing, Digital Design, etc. require BEEFY (aka expensive) hardware so you can stop "HATE buffering and waiting".

    3) Workstations are NOT PCs, Workstations are different using similiar but DIFFERENT parts to 'crunch' data not just 'generate FPS' as needed in gaming. Workstations are more expensive and focus on buying large amounts of key components;
    Like for example lots of RAM (16GB, 32GB, 128GB) because video editing (for example) uses ALOT of RAM to process, but many Mobo don't go to 32GB for example and commonly your looking at 32GB for workstations being 'ENTRY' level low end (128GB-256 is most common).
    They also will have RAID Arrays of now SSDs (5 x 2TB+ @ RAID10 = 4TB with parity) to allow real time editing and then storage of video without ever having data loss. And that is small scale should check out Linus's Youtube as he talks about his Server used to produce all his work on his channel.

    So unless you got $2000+ to invest properly in your rig setup for a WORKSTATION (key word here!) you will always have issues no matter what 'gaming' video card and low end PC setup you get (note I didn't even get to talking about Quatro video cards and such for rendering development, etc.)
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