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I have a 16GB Toshiba FlashAir W03. It was bought for equipment that was designed for 4GB cards. No matter which way I partition/format can't get the equipment to be completely compatible with just a 4GB partition on the larger space whether it's the first partition, only partition, last partition, remainder unformatted, doesn't seem to matter.

Not sure the OS of the equipment. The sd cards can operate happily with equipment while having no formatting. Presume that's why the equipment always shows the entire 16GB of space as mostly free and produces occasional errors trying to write to the card. However I have to format the first partition or the WiFi function of FlashAir doesn't work and the PC software looking at the card files needs formatting as well and has to have all files in the first partition. So I'm somewhat limited on my card configuration options.

Any ideas how to mark a large portion of the card as having bad sectors or something? Bout the only thing I haven't tried but can't figure out how to do it.
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  1. What happens if you leave second partition raw, not initialized ?
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