Need Help for Arrangement of RAM on GA Z170x Gaming 6 MOBO

So I have a system that I've built and I need help with the way I arrange my RAM. I have one DDR4 16gb RAM module and I have no idea on which slot to put the stick in as the instructions that came with the motherboard are so confusing. At the moment I have it in the first slot (the one furthest from the CPU). If this positioning is wrong and if somebody knows where I should put my RAM please reply.

Here's a link to the Motherboard manual where you can find the RAM explanation:
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    How come you only have one stick? It'll be lonely
    The slot furthest from the cpu is slot 1.
    Since you have just one stick.. I think you can put that in any slot and still be fine.
    Maybe try the slot closest to the cpu and cut down the latency =)
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