Should i buy a gtx 1060 now and upgrade later or buy a gtx 1070/ gtx 1080

Im pretty much looking to game at 1080p and i cant decide if i should get a 1060 and upgrade when the next generation of gpus come out or buy a 1070/1080 (most probably 1080) and upgrade 2-3 generations later? Im confused because i was gonna get a high end gpu but then i saw the difference between a 960 and a 1060.

My system specs are:

R5 1600
16gb ram
2tb hdd
240gb ssd
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    dont know what site you use to determine the difference in performance between gpus. passmark has the 1060 performing 50% better than the 960.

    if youre looking to future proof a card for more than a few years, you need to look for 6GB+. Tech seems to move ahead pretty swiftly, but games companies want to sell to as many people as possible, not limit the sales by demanding 1080 minimum spec. Most games optimised to take advantage of 'high end' 4GB cards; even if the cards arent high end, 4GB is the current 'standard' in high end. It will move to 6, then 8 etc every 5+ years. Im not saying this is true to life, but remember when the 880 came out and people were saying 8GB vram was overkill .... enough said.

    imo its better to buy cheap and often, rather than expensive and never (though it depends 'how' expensive you go eg TI SC or a titan). buy a 1060 6GB and then with the $300 you saved, next gen buy a 1160? which will most likely outperform a stock 1080.

    wheres those graphics card experts !
  2. 250-300 $ is the sweet spot, has been for 10+ years.
    Only if you are pushing brand new tech do you need anything better. Like a 4k monitor. Everything on ultra.

    Mid-tier card should last you 3 years. A top of the line maybe lasts 4-5. So in the long run it's more expensive to go top tier too. Twice the price, doesn't last twice as long.
  3. I would either get a 1060 and not upgrade to a 1070 or 1080 later, or just save up and get a 1080 ti, i'd be a better investment that way. Otherwise its just wasted money getting both.
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