problem overclocking ryzen 5 1600 help!

Theres my build at pcpartpicker. I have a ryzen 5 1600 and ab350 gigabyte gaming 3, updated to latest bios(F7). Im having this problem overclocking my cpu, after I put in 38 on "CPU Clock Ratio", save it then change the VCORE +0.060v and VCORE SOC +0.258v and save it. after it reboots. it still shows this . The voltages are changing but the cpu always resets to 3200mhz, even on HWInfo and CPUZ. I cant get it higher. I have overclocked my ram to 2933mhz as you can see on the photo and I got it stable, cant get it to 3200 though. I even use the Ryzen Master, when I overclock there, the core changes to 3800 at hwinfo and cpuz, but after i restart it resets again to 3200. I even tried lowering the clock ratio to 36, but still cant get it there and just reads 3200 on bios and hwinfo/cpuz. I already tried clearing the cmos, but when I cleared it, my inputs are still there but I know it has been cleared because the ram showed 2100mhz. help pls! thanks!
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  1. I'm in the same boat as you dude, except my RAM can overclock it's just my Ryzen CPU can't. Did you ever find a fix?
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  2. Sorry for the 4 month reply, but I fixed my issue by updating my BIOS, then I under clocked my CPU, then keep overclocking my CPU until I got to 3700MHz which is what I wanted. Works ever since.
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