How to reset myspace account password if their reset password email never arrives to my hotmail account?

I've been hearing that it would be prudent to delete someone's old myspace account due to lack of security at that service.

So I went to myspace dot com and requested their password reset to my email. It said that the email was sent to me and suggested to check my spam folder. I did ... but there was nothing there from myspace.... I waited for 24 hrs now, and still nothing.... I repeated the email reset process for several times already and still got nothing.

My email account is an old address.

Does anyone know if it's hotmail or myspace that's blocking that password reset message?
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  1. Someone's stuck in 2006 twice over! :P
    It's probably just myspace, keep trying, nothing else we can do i'm afraid.
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  2. Having the exact same issue. I have an sbcglobal email associated with Myspace, yet the password hasn't been received. I checked and it seems sbcglobal is working fine. I am going to contact them and see if they can manually do it. I am starting to get the impression that the site is going to close down and has almost no customer service anymore.
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  3. Hey guys, facing this issue now. Did anyone ever recieve the reset email? Thanks.
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