"No signal" Ram Issue

My pc wont turn on if my ram isnt set up to 1.9v! I've tried everything but it doesnt run without 1.9v. Its a ebay dual channel 2x4 ram. The only way I can use my pc is by using another ram to go to the bios to set the ram voltage to 1.9, but sometimes the bios reset on its own and im tired of having to ask for a stick of ram everytime this happens. Please help me!
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  1. I'm assuming it's ddr3. Ram should function at 1.5-1.6 typically with ddr3.

    Please post what ram you have and motherboard. "Ebay Dual Channel 2x4" isn't very descriptive. If it's "Generic Ebay Ram", then that's your problem right there. You buy crap, you get crap. Hopefully it's at least branded.

    If it won't function below that, it's a name brand and reputable, and you've gone through multiple sticks, your motherboard isn't controlling it properly.
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