keyboard and mouse stop working at windows bootscreen

I just upgraded my pc my installing a new mobo, cpu and ram. However I reformat my hard drive too after installing all the hardware without any problems, my keyboard and mouse stopped working once I got to the windows screen. I touch anything in bios at first until I tried to fix the problem while looking on solutions online. I have an asrock mobo and I dont see anything about any legacy mode except for UART. I disable and enable setting having to do with usb configuration and I reset my bios every time to try and isolate the problem. However It seems like I can find any solution however if anyone has any suggestion with settings in the bios ill give it a shot. I also reset my cmos.
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    The model of your ASRock Mobo would help.
    On older ASRock boards I recall the option being called PS2 Y-Adapter or something similar.
    On newer mother boards it's called USB Compatibility patch.
    If your motherboard has a PS2 connector, use the USB ports next to that. On many ASRock boards these are USB 2.0 ports.
    USB 3.0 support is not native to Windows 7. USB 3.0 devices will not work until the drivers are loaded in the latter stages of start up.
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