What gpu should I buy

Should I buy a rx 570 which goes for 228 USD or gtx 1060 3gb for 260 usd
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  1. What CPU are you using?
  2. I am using a i5 4570k
  3. dirtybageled said:
    I am using a i5 4570k

    Ok. I think the RX 570 is not as overpriced as the GTX 1060 3GB. Which make/model of each GPU are you talking about for that price?
  4. His rx 570 And evga 3gb 1060
  5. Personally I'd go with the RX 570. But I should also mention that both are inflated in price form what they were originally, but so are every other RX 570 and GTX 1060. The RX 570 you mentioned doesn't seem too bad of a price though considering.
  6. Alright but is the his rx570 ice good or should I go for a better one
  7. dirtybageled said:
    Alright but is the his rx570 ice good or should I go for a better one

    There are better ones. That particular one is on the lower end of the RX 570 as far as core clock speed. You must be in another country because here in the US I haven't seen the HIS brand in recent years and we don't have any decently priced RX 570 cards available.

    If you could list every model of RX 570 and GTX 1060 you have available to purchase we could possibly determine which would be purchase.
  8. All of these are in australian dollars
    1060 oc 389
    Normal gigabyte 3gb 399
    Normal gigabyte 6gb 499
    Galax 3gb 379
    Geforce strix rog 519
    G1 3gb 429
    Msi gaming x 489
    Asus turbo 429
    Asus strix of 499
    Evga 3gb 369
    Zotac 1060 amp with rocket league 359
    Gigabyte 1060mini 419

    Rx 570
    Asus strix 4gb 377
    Asus expedition 4gb 347
    Sapphire pulse 4gb 427
    Gigabyte Radeon gaming 401.5
    Msi gaming x 399
    Sapphire nitro plus 439
    Aorus Radeon 479

    That's all that I could find and the brand new ones are cheaper that the ones that's used
  9. All of those are quite overpriced. It really isn't a good time to buy a GPU. I'm not sure if you know but the (cheapest) MSRP of those GPUs are:

    RX 570 4GB $179
    RX 580 4GB $199
    GTX 1060 3GB $199
    RX 570 8GB $209
    RX 580 8GB $229
    GTX 1060 6GB $249

    They are limited in stock because cryptocurrency miners had literally bough all of them and the few that come in stock are inflated in price. Maybe wait a couple months and see if the prices come back down.
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