HELP :( PC shuts off and restart directly after starting a stress test, pc game or ALT+Tab'bing

Hello everyone,
so my PC shuts off and restarts when i start stress test software 3d Mark11, when i try to open a game after the loading screen and sometimes while alt-tabbing between windows.

Stress test will not even begin, because my PC is being shut down almost directly after the start.

I have a device to check the power consumption of a device, and it shows no more then 100 Watt consumption, before my system shuts down.

Sometimes i open chrome, watch YT, Twitch and Reddit simultaneously and play Hearthstone. When Chrome runs in background and i play the game nothing happens, but when i switch windows with ALT+Tab it shuts down my PC sometimes.

Until now everything was actually fine.

My setup is 2 years old:

CPU Intel Core i5 4690K 4x 3.50GHz So.1150 BOX
VGA 4096MB MSI GeForce GTX 970
MSI Z97 GAMING 5 Intel Z97 So.1150 Dual Channel DDR3 ATX Retail
8GB HyperX Savage rot DDR3-2400 DIMM CL11 Dual Kit
550 Watt CoolerMaster G550M Modular
SSD 128GB Crucial MX100 2.5"
CPUK Scythe Mugen 4 Tower Kühler

I checked the temperatures with HWMonitor, and they are fine, for CPU - 40-55 degrees, and for GPU - 60-70 degrees. I think that one sensor is dead, cause it shows 127 degrees, and i havent seen anything smoking right now ;)

Can it be that simple and my PSU is failing?
Could you please help?

I just did some additional testing. While i run CPU Stress test, Watt intake rise to 140 but everyting is fine. But when i start GPU test, my PC shuts down immediately :(

@GhislainG unfortunately not :/
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  1. Could you try a different GPU?
  2. I forgot to write one more thing.

    My display is "twitching". When i play the game, i see like white "stripes"?,"glitches"? hard to say, as if there was some kind of disruption. It happens sometimes but really rarely while using internet. Only by gaming, and it doesnt last long, like a second or even less.

    i just ran Furmark. Or i tried to do it. As soon as i press "GO!" button to start the test my PC crashes...

    And i have tested a plug strip, nothing changed.
  3. You are describing a GPU problem; test with a different one or RMA the one that you have to get it fixed.
  4. Hello i just bought a new PSU, 650 W and it works fine again...i just ran furmark, temperatures stay below 70 grades. So if ur games turn off, and pc shuts down and restarts. Buy a new PSU,even if urs is 2 years old...
  5. In your case it was the PSU, but that isn't always true.
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