Best CPU for my LGA 775 socket mobo?

So, I'm in the market for a quad core intel CPU that is clocked at a higher speed than 2.66 ghz. Oh yeah, it's also going to have to handle light to medium games like tf2 and stuff like that. I only want a new one bc the games I play right now like tf2 and minecraft usually max out the utilization at 100%. Here are my specs.
CPU - (Current) Intel core 2 quad @ 2.66 ghz
GPU - Geforce gtx 480
Mobo - EVGA nforce 680i sli
Ram - 8gb
PSU - Corsair modular 650w
Cooler - Coolermaster Hyper T2
Bios - (Updated to support quad core CPUs) Phoenix legacy award bios version 6.00 PG
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  1. CountMike said:

    Yeah, I've looked at that page many times but that page doesnt take into account the CPUs that are compatible with an updated bios. As you can see, the q9450 that I have now is listed as not compatible in the list because (I'm assuming) that list was made before the bios update. Would it just be that because of the updated bios, it will be compatible with all CPUs from the yorkfield family? In that case, I'll just drop $50 on a qx9650

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  2. No hesitation, Intel core 2 extreme. More clock speed than you need with 4 cores. Just a dream to use. If you will swap your CPU, PLEASE for the love of god remember to get thermal paste. Don't make the same mistake that I did. You will have to wait like 10 years for shipping until you will be able to put your supah 1337 new shiny CPU. You will want to die if you do that mistake
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