graphics card installed and lights on , still not detected


i got a new gtx msi 1060 gaming x 6gb

and i got a new psu and mobo

psu ( cx550m corsair
mobo ( asus h110m
and a new i5 7500
i started to build the parts into the case

after i finished doin that

i turned the pc on , it works
but the problem its working on the intel grapihcs card

i disabled it from the device manager tab
and still not detecting my msi 1060

which is powered good and the lights also
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  1. Turn it off. Plug monitor into the graphics card (not the motherboard), turn it back on, download and install drivers from
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    I don't think it's a driver issue as graphics cards should be detected even before it's drivers are installed (drivers won't install anyway if device isn't already detected by the system).

    More likely to be an installation problem:

    1) Auxiliary 8-pin power cable not connected to card.

    2) Card not located properly in slot.

    3) Not configured in BIOS settings (ie BIOS is still set to use integrated graphics).
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  3. forgot about the pins :p
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