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Hey I know this has already been asked but I want to find the best cpu for an lga775 socket on this motherboard "Acer Aspire X3910 Motherboard MB.SE001.001 48.3AJ01.021"
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  1. I'd be surprised if you couldn't put a Q6600 in it, would be more dicey with a Q9450 because it's newer, but might still be possible. Can't find the supported cpu list, you might want to ask in an Acer forum and see if someone knows
  2. The best CPU to put in a LGA775 is the core 2 extreme. With 4 cores and more clock speed than it's friends the core 2 quad or core 2 duo, it's the best for LGA775. It has in the name E and a number. The bigger the number, the newer it is and more clock speed.
  3. It's not E... It's QX actually... Sorry!
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