Clean windows install or remove drivers?

So i'm replacing my motherboard, Ram, and CPU in my PC. After I put in everything I know that I will have to uninstall my drivers. However which method is better? Most people said to delete my install of Windows 10 by inserting the DvD again and then go to troubleshoot and partition my SSD. I've also seen that you can just delete all your drivers such as USB and Video Card and MB, etc. Then just replace the motherboard and CPU and the drivers will download by themselves, and then update those drivers. Will this work because this looks much easier than the other route. I learned it from this you tube video.

MB: F2A88XM-D3HP (P0)
CPU: A10-7860k

Upgrading to:
CPU: Pentium 4600

Thank you!
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    if the chipset were close like two intel chipset the deleting drivers would work. your best bet is boot from windows installer usb stick. go inyo advance mode and delete all of the partion and start fresh.
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