Does mouse pad matter?

I need a mouse pad, but there are so many choices and I don't know which one to chose. Should I go with a reputable brand like SteelSeries, Razer, Corsair, etc, or would a lesser known brand also be as good? Also, in terms of glide, can a more coarse or smooth surface affect your gameplay?

Which mouse pad would you recommend?
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    Depends alittle on how you hold the mouse.
    A hard surface tends to give better glide for snappy movements, but can be hard on your wrist after some time. Its also very durable and easy to clean should you need it since you just take it under water and wash it with soap. Dry it off and you are set.

    Soft pad is better on your wrist in the long runs, but I dont like them since if you do snappy movements in FPS games it feels sometimes that the mouse is being hold back. Not so fun to clean and can take some time to dry depending on the materials used :)

    Brands dont matter that mutch. Its more for show.
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