How much power does a cpu use?

Do processors use a lot of psu power? I'm getting the amd 6300X 6 core but in using the power supply that came with my prebuilt PC which is 500. Some people have told me that the 500 is an overestimation and the power it outputs can be 450 ish.

The only accessory in my PC is a gtx 750ti, along with 8gb of ram and a crappy processor that came with my PC. I don't think my PC has enough power left for any more components and I don't have any knowledge of electrics and voltage :(
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    That CPU has a TDP of 95W. You can use something like this if you want to check your exact system and what PSU you should choose.
  2. a cpu power requirement is tiny the GPU is the main drain
  3. I wouldn't use a PSU from a prebuilt, they are cheaply made and are not meant for anything strenuous over Microsoft office.
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