Want to remove Linux Mint and install Windows 7

Trying to remove the newest Linux Mint from my desktop. I want to put Windows 7 back onto it, but Linux won't allow the disk to run. Trying to run it from the boot menu equals a red error message and it won't run the disk from anywhere else.
Trying to google the problem showed no results other than to use disk management, which doesn't seem to exist on my desktop. I cannot get Linux to delete and cannot get my Windows 7 disk to run. Anyone have any simple help?
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  1. When you boot off Windows DVD, you will have the option to delete partitions from your hard drive.
    You have to make DVD drive bootable from BIOS settings.
  2. It won't allow me to boot off the Windows DVD. I get the Linux Bios and changing it to boot from the DVD just gives me a red error code message about a "Secure boot violation".
  3. There is no such thing as "Linux BIOS" (unless you have Chromebook, which does not have BIOS at all). Linux does not prevent your from booting off DVD.

    Find a way to get into BIOS, pressing <Del>, <F1>, <F2>, <F10>, <Esc> keys - depends on your computer, and from there find "Boot Order".

    You will also need properly prepared Windows installation DVD.
  4. Doing that only gives me a red error message. It says "Secure boot violation. Invalid signature detected. Check secure boot policy in setup."
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    Then you will have the option to disable "Secure Boot', enable "Legacy Boot", things like that.
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