Which of these Gpu's is best for build?

i am looking at older, budget graphics cards to replace the dying gtx 550ti in my cousins Pc. the rest of his hardware is not the worst and i can tell it is the graphics card holding him back. i have been seraching around on places like ebay and cex and have come up with a few options. he is going to playing games like overwatch. they do not have to be at high settings by any means but enough to get a good fps (he is able to play it at 30fps at thee moment with every setting to the lowest and locked at 30fps).

his specs at the moment are:
intel i5 2320 3ghz quad
1tb 7200rpm hdd
gtx 550ti 1gb gddr5
4gb ram

* i am planning on upgrading the rest soon

the cards which i have been considering are:
radeon hd 6970
gtx 760
r9 360
radeon hd 7850

i am aware that these are not very good cards by todays standards but they would still be an ulgrade from his current gpu
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    A GTX 760 is a decent choice. It's not overly power hungry. Performs on par with a 1050ti, and is still viable at medium settings in all games
  2. If you can find a cheaper GTX 670 they're usually similar priced and a bit faster.
  3. Newer is better due to drivers, but the gtx 760 is the best option of those cards.

    Though at that pricepoint, i recommend the rx 560, theres even 4gb versions for $130 on amazon.

    They are way more effecient. Also better price to performance. Better after market coolers (so better thermals). List goes on :)
  4. The 560 actually loses to a 760 by a scoch and is $30 more than 760s on buy it now. You can't argue price/performance or performance alone. I'm not sure I've ever met a gamer who truly cared about efficiency of their rig. They want fast, and cheap.
  5. True, I second that, but if you want to buy new, the rx 560 is the better option, but if you buy second hand, the 760 is better.
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