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So i have a Toshiba 24hv10g TV that i use for my pc(gtx 950) and it is advertised as 16:9 ratio with full hd display.The pc itself tells me the recommended resolution is 1920x1080,So here comes the problem.If i set it to 1920x1080 the windows is way bigger and goes a lot ,,over,, the border,and i can see like 30% of my screen.I manually adjusted size in nvidia control panel to 1824x1036 and it fits almost perfect,with like a small line missing to the left and a bonus one to the right(and it would look perfect if i could move it one line to the right).I have been using it like this for a long time,but it is really annoying because some games(i only play games)are just fine with 1920x1080 resolution,and if i want to change from game to desktop the screen goes blue for like 2-3 secs(probably adjusting resolution) everytime,It is very annoying.Note,in other games it runs just fine.Example,it is bad in League of Legends and good in Warface.So is there any way to fix it?By the way,i could not even find the product on their official site,so maybe this might help,someone the same product(too bad it is advertised in my language)
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  1. Play with the settings on the TV. I've seen this issue before where it was a TV setting rather than a PC setting.
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  2. I do not really understand what Play with the settings on the Tv means.Should there be any settings written on the back of the Tv?If yes,i do not see any.
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    Every TV is different, but in general, there is a menu button on the TV or remote, and there should be different screen fit settings that you can cycle through until you find one that fits just right for your PC.
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  4. I agree,see if you can set your tv to in settings as pc monitor.
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