Installing Windows 7 on a new Samsung NVME SSD

I recently got a thinkpad p51 that has nvme and sata drives. Issue is that windows 7 does not see either type of drive. I found on these forums and other places drivers that seemed to work and make the drive even show in explorer in driver browser during the install but then the windows installer would say i am missing a required cd/dvd device driver. At this point i think it may be that i need usb 3 drivers also. And all support staff say the p51 supports windows 7. Of course they expect you to figure out driver preloading etc on your own.
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  1. You will have to load the driver during the install of the OS at the screen where you expect to see the drive listed.

    Here is the drive. You will need to extract it onto a separate USB stick, plug it in before clicking the load driver button. Then point Windows to the directory of the driver.
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