any hint of speeding up Google doc?

Hi, I have been heavily relying on Google doc , it's very simple, neat and more importantly it's very convenient. The document saves automatically and instantly without having to click on a "save" button. It's also stored on cloud so that it can be accessed anywhere with a Google account, without having to save up the documents on a USB stick, carry it around and risk the loss. I only have to remember a password of Google account

The biggest problem is - Opening up any document takes quite a few seconds to load. Scrolling up or down a document usually lagged too. I am on commercial high-speed broadband so the problem is definitely not on my side

I also tried to clean up caches, reset the broswers to default. But it does not help. It's likely that It's a must for Google to take a few seconds to load up the document always.

Any way to solve this problem??
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    Not really that I am aware of. As you stated it is not on your side of the connection. Your docs are being held on large server farms with millions of others users. Lag is part of the equation as well. Between the distance and the number of users on Google's cloud your experience will vary some but as a whole it is not going to be nearly as snappy as a local program. Now you have already done the biggest thing by having a solid internet connection about the only other things you may be able to do is limit latency on your end as much as possible. Use a wired connection when ever one is available. Make sure your router is properly configured. I would even power off/unplug both your router and your broadband modem daily then reboot. This are the kinds of things you as a user have control of, much of everything else, is out of your hands.
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  2. What your system spec?
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