Fb is saying unfortunately you cant access to your account . what I do ?

Fb ask me to submit your documents for review I has send but my account is still not opening ... what I do ? this is my only account 100% original .
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  1. You have no choice but to wait for FB customer support to do their part. There is nothing we can do to help.

    Good luck.
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    Question from Sachin_62 : "My fb account is not opening"

    Sachin_62 said:
    Fb ask me to submit my documents to identify ,I send my documents but my fb account is still not opening,what I do ? that was my only account 100 % original ... and important ... plz help me I am very sad ...

    Pretty sure facebook would never ask for any such 'documents'. What did you send ?
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  3. Go here for FB support:


    Also, please do not start a new thread to ask the same question. We can't fix a FB problem. Only they can. Good luck.
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