all games freezing then crashing to desktop

i have an alienware 17 r3 2016 edition. since a few days all my games are freezing and then crashing after playing a few minutes. i have tried everything which include -
reinstalling nvidia driver,installing older nvidia driver,resetting pc,reinstalling a new windows 10 copy,updating all the software and hardware .i even ran a system diagnostics to see if its a hardware error, which it wasnt. temperatures are fine.
i need help as soon as possible.
my specs are -
16 gb ram ddr4
nvidia gtx 980m 8gb
intel core i7 6700HQ
windows 10
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  1. What games are you running?
  2. sputnIK_ said:
    What games are you running?

    call of duty black ops 3
    rainbow six siege
    ghost recon wildlands
  3. What hard drive size?
  4. sputnIK_ said:
    What hard drive size?

    1TB 7200 RPM
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