I know this is a long shot, but anyone have any info here?

So this just started happening... my ryzen 1700x has been working just fine for the passed couple months.

First time this happened, it was when I started up the system for the day, it would not boot. Everything came on, but my MSI motherboard had the CPU debug LED on... according to MSI manual, that light just means "cpu failed or not detected"

I was able to reset the computer and everything worked fine for a few days.

Just today I was watching a youtube video and the same thing happened.... screen went black, and CPU debug light came on... this time I was not even able to use the power button to turn it off. I had to kill the power supply!

However upon rebooting, and running a stability test there is no issue!

when this happens NOTHING shows up in event viewer about it. You would think you would see that in there.

What i want to know is, if your CPU detects zero RPM on its fan, is that what happens? I have a corsair h100i on there, however the logo does not turn red when this happens.

Its either the pump fails, or i'm losing power to my CPU. I tried wiggling cables but nothing brought it back.

This is really making me nervous! My CPU is on stock voltage and stable
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  1. usually if you turn on the pc and it detects zero rpm on the cpu/cpu opt

    then you will get a cpu fan error message on screen and please press F1 etc to go to the bios
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  2. What happens if you lose the RPM while your using the computer?

    I've never seen anything like this.
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  3. glytch5 said:
    What happens if you lose the RPM while your using the computer?

    I've never seen anything like this.

    while using the pc depends

    if you are using some softwares then they give a beeping noise to warn you or a pop up

    if not using a software that does that then it will start thermal throttling then just shut down if temp gets critical
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  4. hm...
    The only thing I have like I had mentioned, or meant to is my H100i... which I believe if the water gets over 45 degrees, or the pump stops the corsair logo turns red. and neither of those happened.
    My CPU is probably dying... if it was my power supply dropping out, you would think my entire system would shut right off... instead everything is on, but the powerbutton does nothing. All the lights are on and the screen is off. Even my ASUS Strix turns from regular orange mode into white mode, which means its being shut down.
    I bet my chip is on its way out.
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  5. the corsair h100i should have software to warn you as well i would think

    as the logo on the pump going red is pretty useless unless you happen to be looking at it

    cpu dying would be at the end of my list

    never actually had a cpu die on me yet

    unless you are giving it severely too much voltage or something
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  6. I'm at stock voltage.. overclocked 400 MHZ but AIDA64 full on stress test for 20 minutes says i'm stable... so do games. I mean it doens't crash.
    Both times i was actually looking at the pump, my computer is right up here on the desk, I stare into its tempered glassness a lot haha.

    This is really disturbing me.
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  7. it could still be caused by your overclock

    could try running it at default speed to see if it happens again

    or give it a little more voltage
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  8. Well... its only happened twice about 4 days apart. Each time is when nothing is going on.
    First time was when I started up the computer, it just ended up sitting there with nothing going on. I restarted and it was fine.
    Second time I was just watching youtube.

    It happens to in frequently to say. LAst night I made sure to give my pump and CPU fan cables some more slack, and made sure there was no stress on my CPU power cable. I have top mounted fans and its a pretty tight setup in there.

    If the CPU turned off due to failure, wouldn't event viewer say something? Its as if someone just pulled the power from my CPU. All event viewer says is kernel power reset un unexpectedly or turned off from a power loss like it always does.

    Default speed sucks too... my precision boost does not work on my chip. I started a whole thread about it. tried 3 different ryzen 7s on three different mobos. Only one of them would P boost. If it happens again that will be the next step I guess.
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  9. So it happened again... about 4 or 5 days apart... this time it did not happen during use, it was at startup. The computer begins starting... then all the sudden CPU light goes off, and video card starts flashing... and the motherboards CPU debug light is on...

    What the heck is this? Why does it happen so in frequently? I'm ganna try using high performance power plan instead of ryzen balanced... even though I doubt that will have an effect.

    I guess i'll check back in another week to see if it happens again... then I will try increasing my voltage a tiny bit for another week.... It is totally stable in AIDA64, but according to Ryzen master i'm sitting at 1.35 volts... AIDA at idle says 1.354 volts... yet when I load up the CPU with AIDA, it hits about 1.37 volts... is AIDA over volting? Or not reading it correctly? Perhaps the overvolting is why I am stable with stock voltage at 3.8ghz.
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  10. what psu you using?
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  11. a 750 watt G2.

    The only other thing I have changed, is I got this h100i about a month back...since the pump is plugged into the CPU header perhaps it is causing it... I did not have this issue with my Noctua U9S, but I was only OC'd to 3.7 instead of 3.8... same voltage.

    So i'm thinking its the overclock... but it happens so in frequently its hard to really say "fixed" you know?
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  12. yeah nothing worse than an intermittent fault

    and the g2 is obviously a quality psu so no worries there
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  13. mcnumpty23 said:
    yeah nothing worse than an intermittent fault

    and the g2 is obviously a quality psu so no worries there

    HAHA, exactly how I feel... it works... sometimes.

    If it fails again... which i'm sure it will... what would you do in your opinion? Give it plus .0X volts, and see how it handles? Shoot I might be able to crank it up to 3.9 if I give it some more juice... I just kinda stopped at 3.8.
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  14. Best answer
    either give it a little more voltage--long as temps are ok obviously

    or take off the overclock and see if it happens again

    but as its intermittent you could be waiting quite a while

    so personally i would give it a little more voltage
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  15. Alright... so it sounds like are thinking is relatively parallel on this one.
    Are you running a Ryzen CPU at all your self? Have you done any overclocking on one?

    The really messed part would be if I took off my OC, and the problem was still going.
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  16. no got a 7700k

    been an awful long time since i had an amd cpu

    its great to see them back and giving intel some grief after all these years though

    most bios you can save your overclock as a profile so easy to put it back again
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  17. Other than the R3, I've not heard of any 'my R5 OC's to 4.0 GHz with no core voltage bump' samples out there.

    How much longer will this be troubleshot in 'just a 400 MHz OC' state, with no idea if it is stable without the OC...?

    Spinning wheels, hole digging...
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  18. mine is an R7. IF you read up earlier, when I set the OC, all my stress testing is perfectly stable... not exactly sure what you are saying by the last comment.

    Anyway, it happened again today at boot... I hear a "poof" sound out of my speakers and this time instead of crashing, it just restarted. Never fully booted but did on the second pass.

    Wow okay so, I put my CPU back down to stock speed... and saved to exit the bios and BAM. nothing... upon starting no debug LED, no post nothing at all.... I killed the power, rebooted NOTHING.

    I had to resett the cmos and that brought it back... strange... I have no idea what is going on here.
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  19. Do you have the pump or the fan plugged into the CPU header? Many of the pumps run one speed and have a 3 pin header; I've been plugging the cooler FAN into the CPU header. If the header is expecting feedback and isn't getting it, might assume your CPU fan is not working and shut down.
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  20. I did it as COrsair recommended which is the 3 pin pump into the CPU for the h100i... I was thinking that too for a while.. but doesn't windows show an error stating that happened? One time it crashed during desktop this way, and I got no error.

    I also see nothing in event viewer about this when it happens... you would think that would also show if it was the CPU fan thingy.

    I had to clear cmos, but one thing I noticed in there is default voltage for the CPU is 1.25? or something low... I thought 1.35 was stock? I manually set it to 1.35 this time, perhaps the motherboard was under volting it a bit... I'll let you guys know if it continues. Thanks for the support as always...
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  21. If it crashes that suddenly and the CPU quits working, what's to write the entry in the event log if there's no functional CPU?
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  22. Usually it will write a hardware malfunction, or a whea logger when or even a bugcheck when hardware does not work....
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  23. Alright so ever since manually turning the voltage to 1.35 it has not happened... I even cranked the voltage back to about 1.32, and has not been having the trouble... yet. My system does run warmer now but what can ya do.

    I'm not ready to say it worked completely yet, as where most of the time the issue only happened about once every week or so, but it looks less frequent. If it stays gone, put this one in the books as the closest you can get to unstable, yet still passing stress tests. Hopefully my issues are now gone.

    On a side note: this got me interested more into overclocking, so I decided to do some OC work on my backupsystem with an 8350 in it. Man that thing is a terrible over clocker! I can get 300mhz over stock, but it won't do a penny more, even with a bunch of added voltage. Funny how that works out. Could be the motherboard too I guess... also noticed that this MSI x370 board does not have a control for FSB! Strange...
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  24. fingers crossed for you that the extra bit of voltage does the trick
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  25. Thanks buddy!
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  26. Well... happened again today start up. Man that was probably a good two weeks in between problems. It just fails to start, and has to be reset and then everything is fine... it only ever happened once while I was in windows. So the increased voltage did not help. This is just ridiculous. Every time I start this thing I never know whats going to happen.
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  27. glytch5 said:
    Alright... so it sounds like are thinking is relatively parallel on this one.
    Are you running a Ryzen CPU at all your self? Have you done any overclocking on one?

    The really messed part would be if I took off my OC, and the problem was still going.

    Then we could at least reasonably determine that the OC likely has nothing to do with it, which is the intent of removing it...' 4-5 keystrokes in the BIOS vs. parts swapping at random.....

    Choose! :)
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  28. This motherboard has a new bios update recently... it was supposed to increase boot times. I went ahead and updated. Maybe it will magically help. Its just another annoying situation i'm in. I just wish it would happen more often to I could figure out how to stop it.

    I'm thinking about moving over to a micro ATX or MINI Itx board... I'll be sure to NOT use an MSI motherboard if I do.
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  29. oh nooo.. it happened again at start up!
    ah... man I don't think there is a fix for this. I thought it had cleared up.
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  30. glytch5 said:
    oh nooo.. it happened again at start up!
    ah... man I don't think there is a fix for this. I thought it had cleared up.

    sorry to hear

    thought it had got sorted before
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  31. Story of every hobby I get into. I finally buy some decent stuff, and end up with the weirdest problems. My high end paintball markers used to do strange things all the time.
    I kinda just want to buy another motherboard.
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