All 4 HDDs in my DAS enclosure lost their data simultaneously.

I have been searching and searching for some clue as to why all 4 HDDs in my SansDigital
MS4UM+ JBOD DAS enclosure lost their data simultaneously. All show X\: Not accessible.

No spanning, No Big JBOD, No RAID.

When I view all my HDDs, including these 4 in the external enclosure, in Disk Manager they are all HEALTHY, but the 4 are RAW and have 100% available free space.

I try one of the HDD directly connected to a Motherboards SATA connector and the results are the same. X\: Not accessible.

The SansDigital tech rep says:

"The unit is simply a pass-through device for the drives. The unit has a port-multiplier backplane and connects to your port-multiplier RocketRaid 622 eSATA controller card in order to detect all 4 HDD's with a single eSATA connection. You have confirmed that moving a drive from the unit to the motherboard on your computer nets the same results. This indicates that the corruption to the disk has occurred, and possible reasons why this happened may be from a loss of power or momentary disconnect or "ungraceful" power down of the unit while the data on the drives were still being accessed.

You may have a faulty cable, faulty eSATA card, faulty port on the unit, etc. The possible faulty component may have caused one of the scenarios mentioned above which caused your drives to be corrupted."

What likely happened?
Should I format these drives and copy data to them and be done?
Do I trust the MS4UM or the RocketRaid 622 anymore?
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  1. New developments.

    I inserted 4 different HDDs into the MS4UM and they are were accessible like normal.
    I then insert the original 4 HDDs and proceeded to format each one (the long time consuming formatting).

    Two 4TB HDD - Look good
    Two 2TB HDD - Look good, but then

    One of the 4TB HDD which yesterday showed:
    Volume with a name, letter, 3725.90 GB NFTS Healthy (Primary Partition)

    is now showing:
    Volume with a NO name, NO letter, 2048.00 GB NFTS Healthy (GPT Protective Partition) + 1678.02 Unallocated

    What happened?
    Is this HDD toast?
    Is this HDD failing what caused the complete failure of all 4 HDD originally.

  2. Now I try to copy data to one of the freshly formatted backup HDD using robocopy.
    It stops mid way through 1.6 TB in the middle of the night and I am logged off my windows account.

    I drag and drop the rest of the data and the general properties of both primary and backup drive look very similar, each has 1.65 TB used.
    What is weird is about 750GB of folders on the back drive do not show in windows explorer.
    I can search and find the files, but they are not visible.
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