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Hello all.

I just failed my Network+ exam by a few points so I'm going over what I believed that I got incorrect.

I cannot seem to find a conclusive answer for the below question.

Workstations are unable to access the internet after a recent power outage. Configure the appropriate devices to ensure All workstations have internet connectivity.

You can not move cables around. You can only turn the ports on/off.

Please could somebody help me understand?

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    Disable port 2 on switch two or port 5 on switch 3. Having those ports enabled creates a loop.
  2. Turn off any port between the switches you have a loop. Nobody would cable it this way if the switches did not support spanning tree, really stupid to cable something and then disable it.
  3. kanewolf is correct.

    There's actually 2 answers. The second one would be to disable port 1 on switch 3 and/or port 5 on switch 1. However this configuration has more points of failure.
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