18TB Raid 1+0 Long Format Time.

I recently rebuilt a PC using an old AMD phenom II 965 and some new components to build a storage raid on it. The raid consists of 4 WD red Pro 10tb HDD's configured in a Raid 1+0. The PC is currently formatting the raid under windows 10 (I have dual boot configured with Win 10 pro and 7 ult). After 14 days of uptime I have grown concerned that maybe there is a problem. From all accounts I can find while googling similar issues they say that it just takes a really long time. When I place my hand against the hot swap bays, I can feel one HDD spinning constantly and the others move the arms occasionally. Performed a quick format by the by. Also concerned that due to the long time of the format, a possible power outage will set me back.

As for my question: is there a way to check if the format is proceeding as planned (no percentage given)?

Raid does not show up in performance monitor, but shows up in task manager as disk 0 no drive letter for obvious reasons. Raid is through motherboard. CPU utilization averages 40% while not interacting with the PC (I remote in to check on it).

System Info:
Motherboard: AMD 970A Gaming Pro Carbon
Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition
RAM: 16gb G.skill DDR3 2133
SSD: 512gb Samsung Evo 960 (Win 7 64-bit Ult, and Win 10 64-bit Pro)
HDD: 4x WD Red Pro 10TB in raid 1+0
GPU: MSI GTX 1050ti low profile
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  1. Is this a software raid or hardware raid?

    It sounds like a software raid but need to verify.
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  2. androbourne said:
    Is this a software raid or hardware raid?

    It sounds like a software raid but need to verify.

    Its a hardware raid, raid was applied through motherboard. Updated main post as such.
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    Honestly. I'm not surprised it is taking a long time. That is way raid cards are important. They can handle a lot more throughput and speeds then on board raid controllers can.

    Plus you are doing 18TB on a slowish onboard raid controller. That is a lot.

    I would say reboot the machine and go back into Raid BIOS and see if the format is continues. That is really the only way you can get a status.

    If it is taking a more days to finish. I'd delete it and recreate the raid and format again. I've seen where doing it for a second time results in a faster format.

    I'd hate for you to lose any progress you already made but if it's been taking 14 days to do a fast format. I'd have to say that seems a bit long for even a slow controller and 18TB.

    So why not, reboot and check it in the BIOS. Atleast you dont have any data on there to lose right?
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  4. Per your advise I decided to go into the raid menu and delete and recreate the raid. Turning off one of the features (which I currently cannot remember) and rebuilding the array. Then I went into the BIOS and swapped the raid option from legacy to uefi (could only access the raid menu in legacy mode) for good measure. Only having just recently started the format over again I already have a higher active time on the array per task manager. Before it was only showing activity every 30-60 seconds.

    In short thank you Androbourne.
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  5. My pleasure.

    Yeah raid can be weird like that. Ive seen it do that in enterprise level settings as well and it seems breaking it and creating it fixes the problem most of the time.
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