How do I figure out if my PSU is enough power for my current system.

I have a gaming PC that is having some problems right now, but I don't know if the problem is my PSU or GPU. I had this build for about 6 months then it started having problems (problems listed below specs).

CPU - i3 6100
Motherboard - ASUS Micro ATX H110M-K
RAM - 8 GB DDR4 single stick 2133 mhrz
GPU - RX 470 4GB Strix
PSU - EVGA 500 Bronze 80+
Hard Drive - 1 TB WD blue 7200 RPM

PC doesn't turn on unless I switch it to different power cord (turns on like normal while plugged into Motherboard ports.
PC sometimes turns off while playing games even though temperatures are at ~50 C for GPU and CPU.

These lead me to believe that the PSU isn't putting out the amount of power that it is supposed to. How do I figure out if my PSU is malfunctioning in this way?
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  1. 500 watts is for sure enough. Maybe you have a faulty PSU, that could be possible.
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    You can [buse this chart to aid you in a purchase. If the system powers off then it's a sign that the PSU is failing at powering the system when under load.
  3. What are the voltage readings (i.e. minimums and maximums) from the +12V, +5V and +3.3V rails of the power supply unit?
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