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Hi, I have an ASRock H81M-ITX/WiFi motherboard and I overclocked my i7-4790k to 4.9 GHz as it is the highest I could overclock it to in the bios. I used to for a while, but then all of a sudden, it just restricted itself back to 4.7 GHz and I can't go any higher now. Is this normal?

I get 70/80 degrees Celsius when I play CS:GO and it stutters a lot while I still get high fps (400) and it just drops to 100 for a second.

My idle temps are around 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.

GTX 970
8 gigabytes of RAM
212 EVO fan
3 case fans

Another Issue: My 212 EVO makes a rattling noise and I don't know how to stop it lol. It only stops when I put my fan onto lowest speed if you guys can help me with that too. THANKS :D
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