I overclocked my pc too much and now it won't boot. Help!

So, today I was a little bored and I said: let's overclock my pc!
I overclocked my cpu from 3,5 to 4 ghz and my ram from 2400 mhz to 3200 mhz. This was the dubest thing I've ever done. And btw, I bought my pc 2 weeks ago.
So, I tried to take out the mobo battery for an hour and move the ram in other place. Guess what? Nothing happens.
Yes, my fans spins and all the lights are working, but on my monitor says: no signal
Please, help! I am desperate!
*pc specs
Ryzen 5 1500x
Gtx 1050 ti
8 gb ram
1 terra hdd
500 w psu
Msi b350m bazooka mother board
And two fans
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  1. Clear the CMOS. Page 34 of the motherboards manual.
  2. The manual says I need a jumper. I don't have jumper.
  3. Use a screwdriver. You just need to short those 2 pins.
  4. Just touch the 2 pins together with a small metal screwdriver for however long the manual suggests the jumper should be on. Are you sure you don't have a jumper. It is normally connected to 2 of the 3 pins. You just move it to the other pin plus the middle pin.
  5. How can I do that? I'm not that smart.
  6. Msi got cheap a saved a couple cents only using 2 pins and not including a jumper.
  7. Yeah, I just looked at my motherboard manual (Gigabyte), and there are only 2 pins, with the jumper connected to one of them. It says to touch the 2 pins with a small metal screwdriver "for a few seconds".
  8. Nope, I sure I don't have a jumper.
    What can I do beside that?
  9. Do you not have a screwdriver?
  10. Have you located the clear CMOS pins on the motherboard? Either look in your manual or look at the motherboard. It will probably say "CLR CMOS". Mine is on the very bottom of the motherboard.
  11. I know the pins, but I don't know what to do with a screwdriver (i have one)
  12. With the computer turned off, just touch the screwdriver to both of the pins at the same time for a few seconds. Then reboot the computer.
  13. use house/carkeys connect the 2 pins that the jumps do on the picture.

    make sure to disconnect the power cord when u do it.
  14. And how do I know when I did it right? I tried with a paper clip and a screwdriver and nothing. Still the same reaction : no signal
  15. How did you overclock the cpu and RAM - in the BIOS or by using an overclocking utility? What specific RAM do you have?
  16. I overclocked both the cpu and dram in the bios.
    I have a corsair vengance 8 gb 2400 hz only one plate.
  17. So you can't even enter the BIOS now to load default settings? If you were trying to overclock the RAM from 2400 to 3200 Mhz, you may have "bricked" it. Do you hear any beep codes when you try to boot up (assuming you have a motherboard speaker)?
  18. I dont have a mobo speaker. But when I try to open the pc, the "not detecting cpu" light is there. And I can't get into bios because my pc wont open at all. The monitor just says "no signal" and then it turns off, but the fans are spinning anyway.
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    Hmm, I don't know what to say. If clearing the CMOS didn't restore the BIOS to the default settings, and you are getting a not detecting cpu warning, about all I could suggest is to check all connections from the power supply to the motherboard, especially the 24 pin and 8 (or 4) pin cpu connections.

    Is this a PC you assembled or is it a Pre-built? If you assembled it, try taking everything apart and assembling it outside of the case on a non-conductive surface like a piece of cardboard. Perhaps something came loose and it just happened to happen when you were overclocking.
  20. clear the cmos battery.

    leave it out for 5min
  21. superninja12 said:
    clear the cmos battery.

    leave it out for 5min

    The OP said in the first post that the CMOS battery was removed for 1 hour. But we don't know if the power cord was unplugged when that was done. So remove the CMOS battery AND unplug the power cord.
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