Weird Problem (cold boot related)


I got this setup:

P5Q Deluxe
Q9550 @ 3.9ghz 1.32v
Gskill 8500HK
xfx 550w

It has been my 'daily' pc for the last 8 years, with that OC, stress prime and memtest for 48h with not a single problem, running on WC.

Occasionally i would get the 'Overclock failed' asus MoBo message when i switched cooling liquid or unplug the power cable for some reason, for some days.

Now i sold the pc and the guy who bought it unplugs the power cable every day after shutting down the computer, so, everytime he turns it on he gets the overclock fail message.

I thought it was the cmos battery as it was the stock one... switched the battery today, unplugged the power cable and hit on the power button for 30+ seconds to dry all the energy out. Tried to turn on - overclockign failure.

Any1 got any idea?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Set everything to default, or double check BIOS settings to see is anything can be tweaked to improve stability.
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