Overclocking with i5 7600k and noctua NH-U9B SE2

Hi all,

Recently purchased the above along with Asus rog strix z270g mobo.

I did originally want to go with the d15 cooler but it wasnt in stock and was told this was the best thing.

Just wanted to get advice on where my first overclock should be at? And what settings needed to be changed? I'd be pretty happy with 4.6 and 5ghz on Intel boost
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  1. Noone can specifically answer this. Your chip and airflow matter. Just pick a speed. Run some stress test and see what the temp looks like under load. If it's okay go a bit higher.
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  2. According to Noctua
    Not much OC headroom with the NH-U9 line unfortunately.
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    I think you were told wrong.
    The NH-U9B is similar to the current NH-U9S.
    Noctua has a tdp chart for its coolers.
    Your I5-7600K is a 91w processor. More with overclocking.
    The chart would indicate low overclocking potential.
    I would return the cooler in favor of one of the new s variants if I could.
    I do perfectly fine with a well binned I5-7600K@4.9 using a NH-U12s.
    Your results will vary, depending on your luck in getting a good chip.
    Here is what you might expect:
    As of 6/19/17
    What percent of samples can get an overclock
    at a vcore around 1.4v.
    5.3 samples exist, unknown % of occurrence
    5.2 16%
    5.1 27%
    5.0 52%
    4.9 72%
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