Triple monitors not working (2 HDMI direct to card, one HDMI to DVI)

Okay so a while ago I had 3 4K monitors hooked up to a 980 Ti via active display port to hdmi adapters. Everything worked fine for months. Then suddenly one monitor stopped receiving a signal. I tried process of elimination by trying all monitors on it's port but it wasn't an issue with the port and I tried the "broken" monitor on all ports and it never received a signal. So... I assumed it was a busted monitor.

It wasn't.

I just upgraded to a completely new computer with a 1080 Ti that has 2 display ports, 2 hdmi ports and a DVI port and now things have gotten REALLY weird. First I tried two monitors into the display ports via active adapter like I did before and figured for the hell of it I'd plug in my broken monitor to see if it works. When I launched the computer the boot would happen on one of the display port monitors but post boot would only show on an HDMI which was in this case the monitor I thought was broken. So when I tried again with two connected to HDMI and one to display the same thing happened. It booted on Display Port but once that was done it would switch to only the two HDMIs.

So I did a little bit of research here and someone suggested HDMI to DVI would work better than HDMI to Display Port. I tried that and still no luck. In all configurations Nvidia Control Panel recognizes all three monitors but DVI and Display show nothing, only HDMI works.

Am I screwed here? Why did it originally work and then stop? Why is it not working on my new card. Please let there be a solution that doesn't involve new monitors or a new card. I built this rig specifically to handle some games at triple 4K and all at triple 1080.
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  3. Did you update your drivers? When I uninstall my drivers, I lose connection to my non-primary monitors.
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