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My PC died on me a month or so ago and while I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it (never did - I thought it was the graphics card but replacing it did nothing) I took the HD out and connected it externally to my backup PC. It worked fine and I was on the point of transferring the data over to the other computer when the HD tipped over - it was sitting upright on the floor next to the PC because I had to power it up with the cabling inside - and landed flat on the tile. It was only a matter of inches, but it was enough to throw something out internally, because after that it refused to work. It seems to power up and spin, but it simply won't register on the other PC - I'm wondering if the tiny fall did something to the heads. Most of the stuff on the HD is backed up, but as it's been a month or two since the last backup there's some critical stuff I would like to get off the disk. Even more annoying is the fact that I did try to set up another drive in my PC in RAID configuration to give me a mirror, but I could never get the PC to accept the new drive.

I've seen some companies online that offer to repair HD's for $60 - $100, and of course there's the arm and a leg approach of sending the drive off to a DR company and paying through the nose for the privilege. Any suggestions either way on companies to use?

I've been philosophically opposed to cloud storage in the past but I may have to re-explore that option, at least where critical stuff like photographs are concerned. Ironically I was only talking to my wife a short time ago about setting up local cloud storage in our home at least so that everyone in our family can backup their stuff in that regard.
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    If it is really important irreplaceable data I would use THIS service, but it sure ain't cheap. You will get it back on a new drive.

    Look at the positive side though -- you will never go without substantial back up again.

    While a local type storage is useful and even recommended, do not rely on only a single backup USB drive attached to a router or a spare internal drive. Have a second backup preferably at another location. Of course, not all data needs such caution, only that which cannot be otherwise retrieved from somewhere without too much cost or difficulty.
  2. Nowhere on the Seagate site does it give a costing, presumably because it's a case by case scenario. I only have a 650GB HD, so I hardly think I need the 4T external HD option for my data. Any idea on pricing - I think I've read that data recovery can cost $500 - $1000.
  3. They will check it and give you the estimate if it is retrievable, but it should be at the lower end of that range. There is no additional charge for the drive that they send back with the data, included in the estimate.

    I have used them for clients and they always have succeeded and the charges have not been bad.
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