GTX 670 Sli Configuration

As a uni student with the itch for higher fps, but lacking in the wallet, upgrading my current GTX670 is nothing more than a distant dream. Although earlier this week a mate offered me his old GTX670 with the option to run Sli. As far as my set up being able to handle the inclusion of a new card i was curious more on the configuration level.

My current card:

New Card

So my question lies as since they are both different brands and offer variances in Clock speeds (I know the Speeds are matched to the lowest). Also 2GB vs 4GB of ram.
- Does this mean i need two different Overclocking drivers?
- Is there a 3rd party one that handles both?
- Should i run the 4GB card as my Primary?
- Essentially what is the best way to handle this ?

I understand there is a fair amount of info on forums, but a lot dating 4+ Years old and understand a lot on the driver/Software level have changed since.

Also, Yes i know i should just upgrade to a newer card and i will be at the end of the year. Till then tho...
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  1. Realized need same VRAM
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