Ryzen 3 1200 or 1300x ?

I am building a low budget gaming pc and need a cpu under 9000 indian rupees( or 150$).Should I get a ryzen 1200 or 1300x?Or are there any intel equivalents?I chose ryzen because I read that most games now require atleast 4 cores to run.Is this true?If no then please suggest an intel equivalent cpu.
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    If you don't plan to overclock go with the 1300X if you do plan to, go with the 1200.
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  2. Yeah I don't plan on overclocking it.Will I be able to run upcoming games on it for the next few years? Or does it depend mostly on the gpu?
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  3. Mostly on GPU, the 1300X should be fine, comes close to Core i5-7500 in performance.
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  4. Thank you for the answer.Can you also suggest a motherboard under 110$ ? Pls also mention if there is a better motherboard slightly above my price limit.I was thinking about asus b350 gaming-a mobo. Will this work fine with my cpu?
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  5. These two are my current favorites:

    Can you link me the motherboard your talking about? I can't find it.
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  6. I am sorry was asus prime b350m-a. I must have mixed it with gigabyte ab350m gaming-3.So sorry man...
    Anyway, the asus one that you mentioned is over 150$ here in India. So I can't buy that one.
    And are msi mobos good?I read that they are not reliable.Can you also take a look at
    gigabyte ab350m gaming-3.
    Also, I read today that intel is going to release coffee lake on 21st aug. Should I wait for it? I hope I am not asking too many questions.
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  7. Your fine lol. :D

    Gigabyte has very good motherboards along with Asus, MSI is good but I personally am not a big fan of their BIOS layout, just me though. Their good motherboards either way.

    All the motherboards you listed are good, so chose whichever one you like the most.

    The 21st is most likely going to be a soft launch for Coffee Lake, meaning Coffee Lake will only be launching on select notebooks and other devices like that, and that's it. Expect desktop Coffee Lake CPUs in early Q1 of 2018.
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  8. Thank you for the answers man..
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  9. One more question..
    Will the asus b350m prime-a be fine?
    I plan on using gtx 1050 ti and 2 4gb corsair ram sticks(2400 Mhz) with it.
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  10. Try and get a 2666mhz or 3000mhz kit if possible. But if not that's ok.

    Yeah the Asus Prime should be perfectly fine. It's a great little mobo.
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  11. Thanks for all the answers man!:)
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