Is this acceptable load temp 6700k @4.8 Ghz-1.4v?


I have been tweaking my 6700k for a while now and ended up with something stable at 4.8 Ghz, but as these things go I'm worried if voltage and temp are in acceptable ranges. Now I know how to use the search function so I'm fairly certain that running 1.4V on this chip is safe, however, I've not found any precise temp values - assuming there really is none. So I wanted to ask you guys.

I idle(Hard to get a real idle measurement with background processes) around 30c and run realbench/prime at 70-80c with small temporary spikes over 80. Currently an ambient temp somewhere just above 20c, with a non-aggressive fan setup - is this temp under load too much?
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    For that overclock, 80c seems normal. I wouldn't let it go any higher than 80c. The system will almost never run at a load like Prime95 anyway, so normal use you wont see temps that high.
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