Is this a good, safe overclock?

CPU - 6600k
Mobo -Maximus IX Hero
Ram - Corsair Vengence 3000mhz
GPU - EVGA 1070 FTW2
Cooling - Corsair 120mm AIO
Overclocked my 6600k for the first time to 4.5ghz @ 1.3v. Temps are maxing out around 65°C in prime95 and no crashes. Is this a good overclock for the 6600k?
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    Yeah, its pretty decent. Good temps and you reached a decent speed for that CPU.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Thinking of upgrading to a 280mm radiator when i get the chance.
  3. I agree, the temperature is good, anything under 80c while running prime95 for awhile is great
  4. Thats good to know. Ran prime 95 for 24 hours just to be sure it was stable.
  5. 1. Your OC will be limited by the 120mm CLC... a $25 Hyper 212 cools better than the H55 for example.

    2. For your CPU

    Average OC 4.68
    Median OC 4.70
    Average Vcore 1.38
    Median Vcore 1.38

    3. P95 has long outlived its usefulness. We still use it to get temps up an "set" the TIm quickly buy as a stability tool, it's become useless.

    a) Those who do still use it, run the older version (26.6) as the voltage bump when AVX and other modern instruction sets are present can damage the CPU.

    b) What's the point however when a 24 hour P95 stable OC fails under multi tasking application based benchmarks where modern instruction sets are present ?

    c) P95 places a load on the CPU that you system will never see again for it's an entire life; your 4.5 OC might make 4.6 or 4.7 under realistic application stress tests that use real applications in a multi tasking environment. The way I think of it is like a tennis ball machine serving a ball at 150 mph to one spot on your side of the court (P95) versus 4 machines serving balls and you never know which one will fire nor where it's going. The first hurts more if ya get hit in the face but latter presents the more challenging task.

    If the purpose of the build is to get your OC listed on overclocking sites, then p95 should be your tool. But if the goal is to run programs and games, I'd recommend using an application based / multitasking like RoG Real Bench and monitoring w/ HWiNFO

    If looking for an improvement in cooling .... no 2 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm CLC will beat air coolers like the Noctua NH-D15 ... and to get close, they have to be as much as 12 times as loud. The reason for this is that CLCs have weak (0.11 gpm) pumps, inefficient aluminum radiators and the extreme speed fans are not enough to make up for these deficiencies. If you want water, and are perhaps considering something like a Kraken X62, be aware that the Swiftech H240 X2 is a set of custom loop WC components pre-assembled at the factory and is a) much quieter, cools much better, uses copper / brass radiator, has a built in reservoir, 1.0 + gpm pump .... and it can be expanded by adding additional water blocks (ie, GFX card) and radiators. It's also $30 cheaper than the Kraken X 62.

    See 23:00

    Kraken = 69C @ 56dbA (twice as loud and still loses by 5C)
    Swiftech = 64C @ 46dbA

    At 24:30 they tested the Swiftech at the minimum fan speed and it still outperformed every cooler not made by Swiftech... the Kraken tued it thermally with the fans at maximum speed but to do that , it had to be 5 times louder. The h100i was 11.3 times louder and it still couldn't catch the Swiftech. The only cooler thant gave it a run for its money was the Noctua air cooler which lost by 1C at the same noise level.
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