Is this real?

Hello guys i've been tuning my cpu with intel xtu, and i made the turbo boost power max = unlimited, i checked max core speed and i saw this sorry for bad quality, but holy <Removed>
My specs are: Intel core i3 4005u intel hd family graphics, it shut down after few minutes.
Are the speeds real or not?

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  1. Possibly for a few moments. The shutdowns were to prevent damage to the CPU/system.

    I would advise you to exercise some caution. You can damage your rig, permanently, by going too far.

    Have fun!
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    was probably a VERY momentary peak. notice the average is 1.64 ghz. this is still not a good idea at all as even a brief peak that high can hurt the cpu.

    i'd proceed with EXTREME caution as you can cause more than cpu damage. the motherboard can also be damaged with a power surge caused by such a jump.
  3. Guys in 9 of august i was a with my pc again, and i turbo boosted max, then the gpu reached more than it's limits 14k ghz or mgz im not good at it i forgot and cache even more than 10k i pooped (family friendly) my pants, sorry for the swears, im new.
    Don't play with turbo boosts guys, thank god it didn't damage my laptop.
  4. And the graphics freq went 3000 mhz
    Btw, i was stupid to change the setting there, i disabled intel clock controller service in task manager, could it be because of that? My max temp was around 83c
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