Does a cooler master hyper 212 evo fit into my pc

I have a corsair carbide series spec 04 and an asrock fatal1ty gaming k6 . Does a cooler master hyper 212 evo fit into it
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  1. No the spec 04 has a 150mm height limit.

    Look at a cryorig h7 which will fit & is slightly better than the evo.

    What CPU are you using ??
  2. It will fit onto the motherboard however it's 9mm too tall to fit into the case. I would suggest the Cryorig H7 as it will fit and it's a better cooler over the 212 anyways.
  3. My cpu is core i5 7600k
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    H7 then without a doubt.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion . Can you also suggest me a psu i was thinking of thermaltake tr2 600w gold
  6. No to the thermaltake if something else is available.

    What GPU are you using ?
    What's your country & budget for the PSU ??
  7. I am using a gigabyte gtx 1060 xtreme gaming and i am from pakistan and mu budget is pkr 10000 I know its low but thats what i have got right now
  8. Any online stores we can look at to see what's available ??the tr2 isn't absolutely dire but it's still not very good .
    There is likely a better option available to you.
  9. Czone
  10. Wow , hard work finding a good PSU in Pakistan !!!

    I've been though every one of those sites.

    Out of everything there under 10000 the gx2 is the only one I'd even consider.
  11. Thanks very much
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