Retrieving Old Hard Drive Files (Windows 7 to Windows 10)

I have an old hard drive that I need to remove some files from for my business portfolio and open on my new computer. I didn't plan on opening up my case and actually connecting it to my motherboard, but rather just using a USB to SATA Adapter Cable to retrieve the files like I would an external hard drive.

Here's what my concern is: my previous PC (that the hard drive is from) ran on Windows 7, but my current PC is running on Windows 10. Is this going to cause me any problems? And if so, how can I make the process easier on myself?
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    You should be able to use the external SATA Adapter cable to transfer the files just fine.

    Just make sure you only plug in the drive to the adapter AFTER your PC is up and running. If you plug it in before booting, it could try to boot from that device and cause issues. (aka duel booting).
  2. far easier to start up both machines (assuming it still works), share the folder on the win7 machine and find them over the network from the win10 machine.
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